Before Midnight

Before Midnight

Duration: 108
Rating: +12
Genre: DRAMA
Release date: 06/06/2013

Data artistic

Director: RICHARD Linklater


Jesse is a father American, who has just left his son Hank Airport Kalamata, Greece. Hank is back to his mother's house, in the United States, after passing the "best summer ever" with his father and his family. The boy turns out to be more serene than his father, who suffers from anxiety at this time, since it is who suffers with physical distance.

Outside the airport, waiting Jesse has his wife Celine and their small twin daughters Ella and Nina. Jesse is a successful novelist and is in Greece for a "writer's retreat", with family installed in bucolic cottage old writer Patrick.

As traveling by car through beautiful rocky slopes of Messinia, Jesse and Celine talk about the fact that they live so far away from Hank, about the career of Celine as an environmentalist and the prospect of a new job, and the changes that watching their around ancient Greece to modern. Jesse suggests change up from Paris to the United States, but they have lived in New York and Celine has no desire to return. The long history they had together begins to resurface.

Jesse is given to fanciful ramblings that delight their hosts, but they begin to tire Celine, who once played a starring role in the autobiographical novels of her husband, but that is just now interested in serving as a muse for French his literary career.

The friends decide to present them with a night in a luxury hotel on the seafront, and while Jesse and Celine wandering through spectacular scenery, enjoying the company of each other, talk, play, discuss, dating. But the reality of day-to-day just for intruding slowly: kids, work, ambitions, disappointments, romantic love and the evolution of the relationship. And so, the night that the idyllic hopes will test them in unexpected ways.

Jesse and Celine first met at the time of his twenty years BEFORE DAWN (1995) and met again when they had thirty years BEFORE DARK (2004). Now, BEFORE MIDNIGHT, they face the past, present and future, family, romance and love. Before ringing midnight, the story of the two will take a new turn.


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